The Korkie Cork Yoga Mat Review

The last mat I added to my Korkie collection was their cork variant. How do I like the mat, what occasions is it suitable for, and where would I not recommend it? In this short review I will answer all these questions. 

The White Mandala design was love at first sight. Korkie recently completely redesigned their website. It is very user friendly and you can easily order the mat in a few clicks. As always, the mat arrived beautifully packaged in a box with the inscription "nature under your feet". The package also included a carrying strap, which you get for free with every mat.

I've had the mat for over half a year now and I've really fallen in love with the practice on it. In fact, I haven't practiced on anything else at home since I tried it for the first time. A mat made of 100% natural materials such as rubber and cork gives me a completely different feeling of connection with nature during exercise than plastic mats. It can't even be compared with the microfiber-coated rubber mats that Korkie also has in its offer.
The mat gives me a nice grip when in contact with bare palms and feet. On the other hand, the parts of the body covered by clothes slide beautifully on it. I can easily slide from chaturanga to cobra without my chest catching on the mat, as is the case with some non-slip variants. Thanks to the rubber bottom, the mat sticks to the ground like nails. I've tried many different yoga mats, but this cork one from Korkie is honestly the best for me.
Like all Korkie mats, also this one is extremely high quality. It does not crumble anywhere, the print does not peel off. After half a year of daily use, it still looks new.

Despite the fact that the mat is great, there are still a few negatives to be found. The cork variant of the Korkie professional mats is quite heavy compared to others and quite thick when rolled up. So I only use mine to practice at home or in a place I can drive to. Whenever I need to carry the mat somewhere on foot, I reach for the Korkie rubber version. On my travel trips I take the Korkie travel mat.

But if you don't need to carry the mat anywhere for a long time, I believe you will fall in love with this White Mandala as much as I did.