Korkie review: Should you buy a meditation cushion?

You can really meditate anywhere on any kind of surface. But if you're serious about your meditation practice, investing in a quality meditation cushion is definitely a great idea. Dedicate a permanent place for meditation in your home. As quiet and peaceful as possible, but one that you can notice often. So that the sight of your new meditation cushion every day reminds you of your determination to meditate regularly.

In the beginning, a raised meditation cushion will help you fold your legs into a cross-legged position more easily. When you gradually start to stay longer in the meditation session, a pillow specifically designed for meditation will give you irreplaceable comfort and support.

Thanks to its elegant minimalist design, the meditation pillow from Korkie will also serve as a beautiful addition to your interior. I chose the beige version. A light pink or dark green version is also available.

The pillow arrived quickly and, as is usual with Korkie, beautifully packaged. As soon as I unpacked it, I was attracted by its pleasant natural aroma. The pillow is completely made of ecologically obtained natural materials. The cover is made of organic linen and the inside is padded with organic buckwheat hulls. That's where the beautiful natural smell comes from. 

The pillow is available in sizes M and S. I prefer the smaller version, but beginners will definitely appreciate the support and elevation that the larger variant provides. I also like to take the pillow with me for meditation by the sea. Thanks to the handy handle on the side, it is easily carried. And when the cushion gets dirty, I simply remove the linen cover and throw it in the washing machine.

I meditate on the meditation pillow every day and it has become a pleasant part of my daily routine. Are you thinking about buying one? Have a look here and simply choose one.