Korkie Travel Yoga Mat Review

This travel mat from Korkie has already traveled the world with me and still looks like new! I get compliments on its beautiful design all the time, and I automatically pack it with me everywhere I go!

But why not travel with your classic mat instead? The biggest advantage of this travel mat is mainly that it's really lightweight. The mat is thin and can be folded like a towel, so if you're only traveling with a small carry-on suitcase, it can easily fit in it. The cleaning is also easy. You can simply wash this mat in the washing machine. I often practice yoga outside while traveling and my mat gets dirty quickly, so I take this convenient maintenance as a huge plus.

As I already mentioned, the mat is very thin, only 1.5 mm, and that, along with a lot of advantages, also carries one disadvantage. If you have sore joints, or are generally used to practicing on a soft mat, this one may not provide enough support. However, this did not cause any problems for me personally and I fell in love with the mat straight away.

This Korkie Mat is made of natural rubber, which is covered with a thin layer of recycled microfiber. Its surface is soft, but still provides enough grip, especially if your hands are sweaty.

Korkie promises longevity of their mats and I can attest to that from my experience. The mat flew with me to 4 different continents, has been through countless washing machines sessions and still shows no signs of wear. I can definitely recommend this one.