Singapore is not just concrete, glass and modern skyscrapers. The city is a wonderful combination of many different Asian cultures and the neighbourhoods dedicated to every single one of them offer and little architectonic tasting through the whole Asia. Singapore is packed with Instagram-worthy locations, and if you are like me, and you enjoy finding the best places to take photos while traveling, I’m sure you will find the following tips useful.

Gardens By The Bay

Singapore represents an urban planning at its finest! Not only that the space is incredibly easy to use it also looks beautiful. The city views are perfectly planned and the centre of Singapore just looks stunning from any angle possible. Stroll through the Gardens by The Bay to Marina Bay Sands and Merlion Park, enjoy the perfection and take pictures all along the way.

The night scenery of Gardens by The Bay is no less spectacular. You can enjoy the Garden Rhapsody light show every single day from 7:45 and 8:45 pm. If possible, avoid visiting during the weekend not to get overwhelmed by the crowds.

The Cloud Forest

The Cloud forest is another attraction located in the Gardens by The Bay. A wonderful botanical garden full of tropical plants from all around the world. A photo in front of its 30 metres long indoor waterfall is Singapore’s classic.

Marina Bay Sands infinity pool

The rooftop infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands is one of the main local attractions giving a great opportunity for some stunning views and snaps. Unfortunately, the pool is only accessible to hotel guests and it is almost impossible to sneak in without actually paying for a hotel room. (I tried.) So treat yourself to a bit of luxury, and enjoy a delicious hotel breakfast and the best sunset view in the city.


Helix Brigde

A walk along the Helix Bridge offers one of the best views of the entire city and the bridge itself is an architectural gem.


ArtScience Museum

The permanent exhibition of ArtScience Museum “The Future World: When art meets Science” and their impressive light installations is a must visit for every Instagram enthusiast. The exposition actually looks better on pictures than in the real life. This place is popular and gets very busy even on the weekdays. Make sure to be at the door by 10am just when the museum opens to be able to get some pictures without people all around.


Little India

This Singapore’s “Little India” is definitely not dirty and smelly enough to feel like the real one but if you’re in search for the best curry in town this is the right place. The main local photo attraction is the colourful House of Tan Teng Niah.

The Great Madras hotel

Passing through Little India, make sure to check out The Great Madras hotel. This real life Grand Hotel Budapest looks like out of one of Wes Anderson’s movies. As usual, their super cute pink pool area is accessible to hotel guests only, but it’s very easy to sneak in! Just enter the lift with some actual hotel guests and let them to take you to the second floor.


Joo Chiat

It’s a bit of a journey to reach this colourful street but the pictures are sure worth the trip! Joo Chiat is a protected area also called the “Little Vietnam”.

China Town

China town is one of my most favourite neighbourhoods in Singapore. The area is full of cute little shops, cheap restaurants, cafes and cool bars. The best time to take photos over here is in the period around the Chinese New Year when is the whole area decorated with large red lanterns.

Potato Head house

When visiting China Town, the Potato Head House is definitely one place not to be missed! Don’t limit yourself only to taking pictures in front of this extraordinary building but have a look inside as well. On the ground floor, they serve some delicious burgers and the roof hosts one of the most chilled rooftop bars in town.

Orchard Public Library

The Universal Studios

The Universal Studios gave for one long afternoon full of fun. The best attraction is no doubt the Transformers 3D ride. The whole installation cost more than 100 million USD and its twenty-meter tall projection screens and various effects will immerse you in the action and you’ll really feel like fighting to save the Planet together with Optimus Prime. To get the most out of the ride, make sure to be seated in the first row of the truck! The one-day ticket is S$79 (around €50).  The queues in front of each attraction are getting longer and longer as the day progresses. It’s another S$70 in addition to the regular ticket in case you want to be able to skip the queue and use the express line. However, both lines, the express and the normal one are next to each other, and it’s very easy to just sneak in the express one when no one is watching. If you like to be a bit cheeky like me you won’t ever wait more than few minutes without the need to pay extra.

The main photo attraction of the entire theme park – the rotating globe with the Universal Studios sign is located outside the gate and you can access it even without the admission ticket. To get a picture with no other people, you should arrive before the noon.


Chinese Gardens

In my opinion, the Chinese Gardens are the most beautiful place in whole Singapore. It takes over an hour to reach this place from the centre using public transport, so very few tourists actually make it all the way here, but if you’re in Singapore and have an afternoon to spare, this is the place to go!


The Hive – Nanyang Technological University

The last one on my list is The Hive, the newest building in the Singapore’s Technological University. This extraordinary structure completed in 2015, should not be missed by any modern architecture enthusiasts. To reach the university from the centre by public transport you’ll spend over an hour and half travelling. The Chinese Gardens listed above are on the way though, and the best idea is to make both visits into one trip.